SoBioS is an easy-to-run code to compute Sobol' indices for biological systems.

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SoBioS - Sobol’ Indices for Biological Systems is an easy-to-run Matlab code used for Sobol’ indices-based global sensitivity analysis of Biological Systems. The implementation follows an educational style, to make its use very intuitive.

This package includes the following modules:

Software History

This code was developed as a pedagogical tool to teach the basics of global sensitivity analysis of biological systems via Sobol’ indices. A tutorial explaining the theory and practical aspects behind SoBioS package is provided in the following book chapter:

UQLab dependency

In order to use the SoBioS code, it is necessary to have UQLab package installed:

This external package is free for academic use.


Citing SoBioS

We kindly ask users to cite the following reference in any publications reporting work done with SoBioS:

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SoBioS is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details. All new contributions must be made under the MIT license.