HarvesterOpt is an easy-to-run code to maximize the energy recovered by a bistable energy harvester.

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HarvesterOpt - Harvester Optimizer is an easy-to-run code to solve an optimization problem to maximize the energy recovered by a bistable piezo-magneto-elastic energy harvesting system. The implementation follows an educational style, to make its use very intuitive.

This package includes the following files:

Software History

This code was developed to optimize the amount of energy recovered by a nonlinear bistable piezoelectric energy harvester. The simulation results associated with this optimization process are reported in the following paper:


Animations illustrating the operation of the CE method can be seen in the following playlist:


Citing HarvesterOpt

We ask the code users to cite the following manuscript in any publications reporting work done with HarvesterOpt:

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HarvesterOpt is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details. All new contributions must be made under the MIT license.